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Shop 8, 3 Hardie Rd
Spencer Park, WA, 6330

(08) 9842 6312

Bloomin' Flowers is something of a shopping secret in Albany. We are not on the main street and we're generally pretty modest, but we just keep delivering and building our loyal following. We thought long and hard about what our customers want: prompt, friendly service, creative flair,and value for money. We take great care over how bouquets are presented, and because we grow many of the blooms ourselves our customers can be assured that the flowers are fresher and will last longer when they get home.

Toys and Balloons

About our toys

Our plush toys are known for their high quality, soft fabric and great designs.

The range that we have in stock is very broad and goes way beyond our vast range of adorable teddy bears.

We have mischievous monkeys, cute numbats, friendly meercats, baby elephants, cuddly camels, grumpy grizzlies, kangaroos with joeys, basil the puppy...

You must come take a peek at our store to fully appreciate the range of plush toys on offer!


About our balloons

There is no denying that children love balloons. And the child in all of us still like them too.

We have a great range of balloon designs, choose from an assortment floating foil helium balloons or Grab a keepsake air filled foil balloon which do not deflate.

Why something extra?

Why add to the bouquet? Cut flowers do not last forever, we all know that. By adding something to your order you'll ensure your gift has a lasting memory. .

With the quality of toys that we use, that something extra is sure to be treasured.